Emolyne Cosmetics Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Affiliate Commissions will not be paid on the below:
• The purchase of Gift cards
• Redeemed Gift cards
• Industry/makeup artist discounts
• Cashback sales where a discount code has been used.
• Refunded orders
• Orders intended for resale
• Multiple orders by a single customer which exceeds a combined total of £300 per month
Affiliate commission rate is subject to change based on seasons and promotions.

• Affiliates can only use discount messaging or promotion codes sent to them by Emolyne
• Affiliates must ask for approval where they wish to promote an offer or code that has not been
sent to them by Emolyne Cosmetics.
• Any affiliates promoting codes which have not been supplied to them directly, will have
commissions declined and may face suspension.

If you promote any Emolyne Cosmetics products in your content that was gifted to you, as part
of a paid sponsorship or you can earn an affiliate commission from, please ensure you:
• Include #Ad (affiliate link) in any post.
• Include #gifted or ensure the post makes this clear
• Don’t include claims about the benefits or properties of the product unless they’re mentioned
on emolyne.com or on the Emolyne Cosmetics packaging. Only talk subjectively about how the
product works for you.

Attempting to earn affiliate commission through brand term PPC ads is not allowed.
Commission on these sales will not be paid and may result in your affiliate account being
suspended. This includes:
• No bidding on brand terms, or on misspellings. This includes both the brand term and URLs
containing the brand term.

• You are not permitted to link directly to our site, or to use a redirect to send the customer
directly to emolyne.com from a PPC ad.
• If you do run PPC ads, please include the term ‘Emolyne Cosmetics’ and ‘Emolyne’ as negative keywords on all campaigns.
• No typosquatting allowed.

• Upon registering as an affiliate with Emolyne Cosmetics you agree to provide a valid ‘payment email address’ that is linked to a valid PayPal account that is in your name.

• Commission earned will be approved and cleared within 60 days via PayPal only.

If you have questions relating to this affiliate programme, please contact rachael@emolyne.com

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