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Eyeshade Creme - Bronze Eyeshadows

The Impact of a Brilliant Product

Eyeshade Creme is the perfect mix of smooth, creamy textures and light, bright colour. This line of cream eye shadow takes eye makeup to the next level by giving it a shimmering, multidimensional finish that makes eyes look brighter and more beautiful. These shadows promise high-impact eye looks that are classy and attractive thanks to their buttery, buildable formula.

A Cultural Journey Through the Shades

A Cultural Journey Through the Shades

Get to know Eyeshade Creme, which is very comfortable to wear all day. These pigment-rich shades are sophisticated and can be worn for any occasion, from a soft shimmer during the day to a bold look at night.

  • Benin Bronze: This beautiful bronze colour was inspired by the glowing, mineral-rich soil of Benin. It is a tribute to the legendary Dahomey warriors. It brings to mind the strength and beauty of the country’s many cultures and landscapes.
  • Bwindi Forest: This dewy colour is a tribute to Uganda’s Bwindi National Park. It shows off the park’s shiny plants and celebrates the diversity and beauty of East Africa.
  • High Atlas: This shimmering silver colour is a tribute to the beautiful High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It shows how big and varied the mountains are, with snowy peaks and dry deserts.
  • Lac Rose: This champagne rose colour was inspired by Senegal’s beautiful Lac Rose. It looks like the coral-colored, salty water surrounded by sand dunes, which is a real coastal wonder.
  • Pemba Shores: This soft golden colour was inspired by the untouched beauty of Pemba Island in the Zanzibar Archipelago. It makes you think of a tropical paradise with its hilly forests and clean beaches.

How Emolyne Cares About Beauty and Diversity

Emolyne, the brain behind Eyeshade Creme, loves all kinds of beauty. The brand’s commitment to innovation and inclusion is shown by this collection, which not only takes eye makeup to a whole new level but also honours cultural diversity and natural beauty.

Eyeshade Creme goes beyond the ordinary because it comes in a rainbow of colours that represent different cultures and landscapes. Take your sparkling eye makeup to the next level with these creamy, shining bronze eyeshadow, and start on a path that celebrates beauty in all its forms.