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 Red lipstick is one of the ultimate makeup classics. It’s been a staple pretty much as long as makeup has been around and is the simplest way to elevate any look. And while there are shades of red that are better for certain seasons – think deep burgundies for cooler months – we’re going to show you how to wear red lipstick for Spring/Summer. As it starts to heat up, we begin to move towards the warmer shades of red and relegate any blue-toned reds to the back of our makeup kits. Sunshine to us equals bright, orange-toned reds that compliment a fresh tan and holiday vibes. Keep reading to find out how to wear red lipstick for Spring/Summer.

Go Bold

Summer isn’t the season to shy away from bright shades. It’s an opportunity to go bold and wear the brightest of bright colours, and we have a selection of vibrant reds just waiting to be unleashed. Now’s your chance to get out those shades you weren’t brave enough to wear through the winter; maybe you didn’t want the attention, perhaps it didn’t look quite right against sunless skin, or maybe a heavier base made the lipstick look too much. Whatever the reason, make now the time to try something new.

If in Doubt, Stick to Nails

We know for some the idea of a bright red lip can be daunting, and that’s ok! Start small and choose a bright red for nails instead – starting with toes and moving onto fingers if you’re a complete novice. Or, choose what we call a “true red” to dip your toe in (pun intended). That way, you can get used to more of a traditional red to test the waters instead of going in headfirst with a vibrant shade. From there, you can see how you feel about it before working your way up to a more orange-toned red, if you fancy it.

Also, a good way to start out wearing red lipstick is to dab it on softly with the bullet, and then use your fingers to blend across the lips. This way, you get a diffused amount of colour and more of a “just kissed” look than opaque, full coverage colour.

Wear the Same Shade Throughout

Our range was designed in a way that encourages you to wear the same shade across nails and lips – we like to call this the art of matchy matchy. Once you find the red that suits your skin tone and undertone best, you can get the exact same shade across our whole range, from Velvet Lip, Defining Lip and Gloss Lip to our Nail Lacquer. Wearing the same shade throughout can instantly make you look more pulled together and coordinated; it’s the quickest and easiest way to look effortlessly luxe.

Look to the Catwalk

Every season, a red lip makes a reappearance at Fashion Weeks all over the world. Whether in the form of a gloss or matte finish, diffused or opaque, there’s no doubt you will see it on multiple catwalks time and time again; this is a trend that’s never going out of style. Follow what designers are showcasing, and look to magazines, too, for inspiration on the shades of red you should be wearing this season.

For SS23, we’ve witnessed blue-toned pinky reds from the likes of Carolina Herrera (recreate with our shade, Abuja), vampy looks at Bibhu Mohapatra (try Nigeria) and even smudged, just snogged lips at Dilara Findikoglu (any shade works for this look!).

French Girl Chic

If you still need encouragement to go for red, why not look to the distinctively chic “French girl” makeup. Always undeniable cool, and effortlessly composed, the French girl look sees reds worn as stains across lips and cheeks. To recreate this look, try dabbing the bullet of our Velvet lip onto fingers and press into the lips for a deconstructed take on this trend. You can do the same with our Gloss Lip, dabbing the wand onto the lips directly, or onto the tips of your fingers and tapping onto the lips.

In true Parisienne fashion, use the same shade and gently press this into cheeks and eyelids, and across the bridge of the nose to draw this look together and give a natural and fresh flushed look. Make sure you use the warmth of your fingers to melt the colour into the skin to ensure the makeup is kept looking seamless.


Essentially, we love a red lip, but we know that the right shade and tone can be hard to find. While getting it right can be so right, getting it wrong can certainly ruin a look. That is why, to help you find the perfect shade, we have created a Shade Finder Quiz. Using this tool is easy, and it will take you skin tone and undertones into account to recommend the shades that will no doubt look great on you.