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Dopamine Shades To Beat The Winter Blues

dopamine makeup

It may be a grey and rainy January, and Blue Monday may be putting a negative spin on the week, but we’re not letting this dreary month hold us back – we’re going full guns blazing into this new year. With the help, of course, of dopamine makeup shades. We’re whipping out vibrant reds with pink or orange tones to transform our mood (and our wardrobe!). Bright, carefree shades that emulate power, poise and confidence – they say fake it ‘til you make it, right? Join us! Throw on an outfit that makes you feel fierce and get your power lip on! You’ve got this!

We have a spectrum of nude and red shades perfect for every skin tone and undertone, but we’re focusing this month on intense, vivid reds in all textures. Feeling glossy but want high-pigment colour? Try our Gloss Lip! Prefer a classic, semi-matte finish? Velvet lip is for you! And if you’d rather stick to nails for a more subtle punch of colour, our gorgeous Nail Lacquers are super shiny and long-lasting.

Dopamine Shades - Gloss Lip

Dopamine Shades - Velvet Lip

Dopamine Shades - Nail Lacquer

Dopamine Shades - Kits