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Firecracker Reds for Bonfire Night

firecracker red lipstick

Firework night. The first event of the colder months, where the smell of bonfires and crisp frost dazzles the senses. Where red wine in front of an open fire and nights in with friends become your favourite pastimes. Your wardrobe transitions from summer dresses to chunky knits, and cosy beanie hats and scarves become your ultimate wardrobe saviour.


There’s a shared sense of awe as we come together to watch a sparkling display of fascination across the evening sky. It’s a night of excitement as an array of colours light up our senses; the feeling that Christmas is nearly upon us and party season is within reach.


Whilst it’s not the most glamorous of nights – wearing anything and everything that promises to keep us warm – why not add a festive touch by wearing a staple shade of firecracker red?

Our Favourite Firecracker Reds