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Conversations on Confidence with Fashion Model RANIA HAMMAD

Arabian Vogue cover model Rania Hammad

To kick off our Conversations on Confidence series, we sit down with fashion model Rania Hammad. Having miraculously survived an accident that left her with a bionic leg, she’s on a mission to empower others and eradicate stigmas around disabilities. Recently gracing the cover of Arabian Vogue, her success has no limits; we wanted to find out where she finds confidence and her advice to inspire us all.

In your opinion, what is confidence?

To me, confidence is a state of mind. It comes from self-love which breeds beauty from the inside out.


Do you feel confidence comes easily to you, or is it something you have to work on?

Confidence doesn’t come easily to me. It takes courage and self-acceptance, both of which take a lot of work.


How/where do you find confidence on days where you feel that it is lacking?

On the days I lack confidence, I look at myself in the mirror and say positive affirmations like “I feel beautiful” or “I am strong”, and I start to look at the features that I love about myself and remind myself of their beauty.

What advice would you give someone struggling with confidence?

My advice would be to love yourself the way you are. Being different is unique and beautiful. I would also say that the way you perceive yourself is the same way people will perceive you: if feel confident, people will see it too.


Why did you first get into modelling, and how did you feel entering such a tough industry?

One of the reasons I starting modelling was actually to normalize how people look at people with differences. I don’t find it challenging. I actually see it as an important opportunity to normalize body differences.

What have been your main challenges?

I’ve had quite a lot of challenges throughout my journey, and they keep increasing with time. The way society looks at people with differences is my main challenge – to change their perceptions towards people with disabilities is something I strive towards every day.


As someone who inspires others, how would you encourage other people to feel empowered to push boundaries and break down stereotypes?

Have the courage to embrace and show your imperfections and never forget to be yourself.