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Conversations on Confidence with Fashion & Lifestyle Creator Juliette Foxx

Juliette Foxx fashion influencer designer interview emolyne cosmetics

Continuing with our series Conversations on Confidence, this month we sat down with fashion & lifestyle influencer and designer, Juliette Foxx. With her striking look and bold style, we wanted to find out her opinion on the subject of confidence, and how confidence and the way you visually express yourself go hand-in-hand.

In this interview, Juliette shares her advice on how to slowly incorporate colour and print into your wardrobe, and the important message of being yourself, no matter what.

What does confidence mean to you?

To me, confidence is the ability to stand strong in what you believe in and be unapologetic about those things. It doesn’t matter what it is. For me, obviously I show my confidence mostly through my fashion because that’s the way that I say hello to the world without opening my mouth. But I think confidence is something that sometimes we have to learn, because it doesn’t come naturally or easily for everyone; it’s something we should all try to find within ourselves. You don’t have to be confident in everything, but I think what’s important is that you use the things you are confident in, that you love and feel passionate about, to push through to other aspects of your life. And I think that’s the way that you can carry your confidence to other aspects of your world. It’s a kind of fake it ‘til you make it situation. But yeah, to me, confidence is having the conviction and to stand up for what you believe in. To project that and not be afraid to just be yourself in whatever room you’re in. To me, that’s what confidence is.


Your style and your beauty is quite bold and colourful. Do you like the attention this brings and how do you deal with any attention that you get when you’re dressed boldly in public?

Thank you. I always say that it’s better to have people staring at you than for them to throw stones at you. You know? So, I’m fine with that. And I think, again, going back to confidence for me, with my style, is something that comes naturally. But I mean the question of nature versus nurture, does it come naturally? Is it something that my mother instilled in me? My mom has always told me to be myself. And from a young age, I’ve never, ever been afraid to stand out or stand proud because I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I think this way of thinking has carried on throughout my life. And to be honest, sometimes it’s gotten me into jobs or opportunities or situations where it’s not something that I’m particularly great at.

I’m confident. I trust that I can do it. And I think what happens with my style and why I’m happy with attention is that I feel like people sometimes see that it rubs off on them, which is something that I really appreciate. It’s like, people watching you do your thing and be so bold, inspires them to do the same thing or to aspire to do the same thing. And that’s the best part about people recognizing my style. I don’t find that people think,  “she’s a bit much”. It’s more like, “I can also be proud and bold and colourful”. And I think that’s what I appreciate the most about garnering attention is that I think it brings joy to other people.

In your opinion, does it take a certain confidence to wear bold colours, or do you think anyone can work bright colours and bold prints?

I think anyone can wear what they want, but to be honest it’s not about the piece of clothing, it’s about the woman or the person who’s wearing it. When you wear something, you bring it to life. So yes, the colour of the fabric is amazing. But it’s about what it does to you when you put it on. Like, when I’m having a bad day, I would honestly go to my wardrobe and put on the most floaty, fabulous, bright thing that I can because somehow those colours evoke something in me and they make me feel a little bit better. I think that, for other people, it’s the same way. You don’t have to completely transform your whole wardrobe; you don’t have to change everything. Just start with one thing. If you’re someone who always wears black, maybe find a black and red blazer – bring something red into the outfit. You’re still wearing black and that’s a comfort, you’re just slowly incorporating something new. Anyone can do it, just embrace a piece of colour, and bring that item to life. If you don’t like it, you just take it off and change it. Nowadays everything is about “love everything about yourself” and that’s great. Of course, you should love yourself as you are. But I don’t think you have to love everything all the time. If I feel like my arms are a bit flabby, for example, I’m going to wear a fabulous poofy sleeved dress and feel amazing in it. And if something doesn’t work for you, then it’s not for you. If bell bottoms are trending right now, but don’t look good on you, don’t wear them; wear whatever works for you – that’s when you feel the most confident.


Has your style changed much over the years, or have you always been drawn to prints and colours?

I’ve always been extra and dramatic, but I did go through a phase. I think when I was at uni, my style was a lot grungier. I spent a lot of time in ripped fishnet tights with like as much eyeliner as humanly possible. My hair was blue, purple, black, side shave. I was obsessive, like lady Gaga. When I was a student in art school, I used to make some of the things I wore. Now my style is a little more refined, but back then I was just a crazy art school kid. I used to paint on my clothes. I used to just be a bit more crazy and wild, and just wear anything. I still do that now. But I think now there’s a refinement too, because I might have meetings or something but I do appreciate the red tie-dye days.

For people who want to incorporate more colour into their wardrobe but are a little nervous to do so, is there a good way for them to dip their toe in?

I think for everyone’s wardrobe, there are certain staple pieces that you need to have, right? So, a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, a nice blazer maybe in a navy – there’s certain staples that are great to have. And then there are things that you can play with. So, if you want to incorporate colours, try adding a colourful t-shirt into your collection. You can still wear your navy blazer with your pair of blue jeans, but it’s a good start. Maybe a scarf, maybe a bold lip – find little pops of colour to easily boost your wardrobe. And then as your confidence for colour builds, start to add more things. It doesn’t have to be a complete change – keep a capsule wardrobe and change little details.