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Switching Your Shades for Autumn

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The seasons are officially changing. It’s noticeable in the gentle breeze that has us reaching for the covers, the reluctant acceptance that we may actually need to take layers when we leave the house and the inevitable but poignant end to rosé season. And don’t get us wrong, we were sad about it – the excitement of summer and heatwaves aplenty finally concluding for the year – but as we think ahead, we’re excited for what’s to come.

Yes, we might have to put a little more planning into our outfits to equip ourselves for the unpredictable weather, but with the arrival of colder months comes a new excitement. That first time you cosy up in a chunky knit or dig your favourite boots out of the back of your wardrobe.

When plans go from revolving around the outdoors and feeling like you MUST make the most of the sunshine, to curling up in front of the fire with a good glass of red. Where perfectly tanned and moisturised limbs finally take a step back after months of incessant grooming and layers of clothing can hide the fact we occasionally choose an extra hour in bed over beautifying ourselves.

The countdown to the festive period is on (ok, maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves there!) but it’s clear that a nostalgia of winter events is on the horizon. While summer saw subtle makeup looks that were healthy, glossy, “your lips but better”, for Autumn, we’re embracing richer, deeper and seasonal hues. Think burnt oranges as a replacement for tan-enhancing corals, and deep wines and burgundies in the place of pillar box reds. No matter how you plan to spend the coming months, swap out your summer staples for the new season’s shades to see you through.

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