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How to Wear Colour Depending on your Lip Shape

lipstick tips for different lip shapes

We know that everyone is unique. From skin tones and undertones to features and characteristics, there are so many things that make you, you. With this in mind, Emolyne was formed with an array of lipsticks and liners, ensuring that everyone could find a shade that made them feel most like themselves. We have nudes that give that “your lips but better” look and reds that enhance your complexion, but we can also consider lip shape when we apply our lip products to get the best result.


Naturally pouty, heart shaped lips tend to be less wide, and more round in shape. This is one of the more desired lip shapes, as the lips tend to be full in the centre and you always look picture perfect! If you wanted to make the lips appear more symmetrical, you could bring your lip pencil from the point of the cupids bow and draw it out towards the corners of your mouth.

Top Tip: Opt for glosses – these look great on heart shaped lips and the shine adds volume. Avoid darker shades, as these can make the lips look smaller.


There are many ways to cheat fuller lips, yet the easiest way to is to slightly draw over the natural lip line of lip. Starting with the cupids bow, trace the outside of the lip line whilst adding a little more volume until you reach the desired size.

Repeat this on the bottom lip too, starting from the centre. Try to avoid pale lipstick shades as this can make the lips appear even smaller. Instead, try something bright, or a gloss to add dimension.

Top Tip: Make sure your liner is sharp to create a neat line, and start by lightly overdrawing the line to easily build until you have reached the desired effect.



If you have a larger considerably larger top lip, sometimes the cupids bow can be less formed so you can enhance this using a lip pencil. Lining your bottom lip with a slightly darker pencil than your lipstick will also help balance the bottom lip, giving the appearance of a slight shadow as if the lip were full.

Top Tip: Using a highlighter to gently kiss the top of the cupids bow will help create more shape, and a bit of shine in the middle of the bottom lip will draw the attention and make the lips appear more balanced.



Perhaps the most common lip shape; in this instance, you want to focus on balancing your top lip. You can do this by overlining the top lip and slightly underlying the bottom lip. You can even shade your top lip with your pencil first before going in with your lipstick to add depth.

Top Tip: Using a lighter shade in the middle of the bottom lip will make the overall look less extreme – just be sure to choose a lip colour that’s only a shade or two lighter, and make sure the edges are blended.

No matter your lip shape, we have created the Lip Kit to enhance your natural lips and get your best lip look. With 15 shades of nude and 15 shades of red, you can build, shape and shade your way to perfect lips.