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Everyday Nudes: Your Makeup Staple

natural nude makeup essentials

Finding that perfect nude is an amazing thing. It becomes the shade you reach for whenever you need to feel a bit more like you. It’s your holy grail. Whenever you’re rushing out the door or your complexion is a little lacklustre, it gives that healthy glow that alludes to the outside world you’ve got yourself together, even when you feel the furthest from it.


Try our Shade Finder to help find your perfect nude

The Perfect Nudes for Fair Skin

Fairer skin tends to suit pinky or peachy nudes the best, depending on your undertones. Here are our top shades for fair skin:

Eritrea - Luxor - Fes

The Perfect Nudes for Medium Skin

People with medium skin can often reach for a variety of shades due to their mid-warm undertones. Here are our top shades for medium skin:

Marrakech - Tanzania - Kampala

The Perfect Nudes for Olive Skin

Olive complexions primarily suit cooler shades. Here are our top shades for olive skin:

Mozambique - Uganda - Nairobi

The Perfect Nudes for Dark Skin

Darker skin tones can pull off a whole range of different shades and tones, but these are our favourites. Here are our top shades for dark skin:

Asmara - Mali - Cameroon