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Power Makeup

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Over 5,000 years ago, lipstick was created as a way to show social status – not gender – by the Ancient Sumerians. Fast forward a few thousand years and the Greeks used it as a way to label prostitutes. Fast forward again and we find the Victorians shunning makeup as frivolous. And so it goes. Today makeup is a tool that shows the world who we are – and who we can be, and Emolyne was created with exactly that in mind. As a black-owned, female-led brand we are here to empower every individual to Feel Seen, Feel Ready and Feel You. We like to call it Power Makeup.

Feel Seen

Feel Seen

In a world that is constantly moving and evolving we have more makeup options than ever. We can scroll through Instagram and be inspired by millions of looks from around the world, all before we’ve climbed out of bed. But that doesn’t mean we always feel seen. We created Emolyne to answer the call for true individuality so that anyone could find that perfect red or nude lipstick. It’s about freedom of expression.

Feel Ready

Feel Ready

There are certain days – particularly those lockdown days – when it can feel like such an effort to get ready for another Zoom, another to-do list or to simply tidy up. Your mind tells you it would probably just be easier to hit snooze and dive under the duvet with a bar of chocolate. And you’re tempted.

But on these occasions, if you just take a few minutes to breathe, jump in the shower and clear your mind, you can definitely find solace in what’s inside your makeup bag – or drawer or cupboard.

Makeup is that tool that can truly change how you feel, and you should never feel bad about that. Taking a few minutes to go through your beauty must-haves can distract your mind from all the noise, and within a few minutes you can ask yourself: ‘what do I feel today?’

It might be our Tanzania Kit – beloved by celebrity makeup artists worldwide for its ‘90s warmth – or it could be your favourite red lipstick. Sometimes all it takes is that one pop of colour to inspire an entire makeup look that transforms your face, and your mood.

There’s something about giving yourself that time to focus on painting your nails and framing your lips that can make you feel more alive and vibrant. Take the time to look at yourself in the mirror and speak words of kindness and empowerment to yourself. See this as therapy. Suddenly you are more than ready for that meeting and you’re armed with everything you need.

Feel You

Feel You

When do you feel your most you? Is it when you’re fresh out of the shower, wrapped up in your cashmere onesie and enjoying a home brewed coffee? Or is it when you’ve spent time on that glowy makeup look because you’re headed out with friends? Or is it when you’ve put on a red lipstick just to dance around and feed your plants?

The world is changing and we are no longer defined simply by what we do between 9am and 5pm. Thanks to the ever-evolving beauty market, and of course social media, we are finally seeing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to life, or how we live it.

None of us are one-dimensional. Each day we can choose to show a different facet of ourselves, and makeup is the most perfect tool to do it, helping us to show strength and identity. Also, there is no right way to do it; Monday could see you teaming a luscious nude lipstick with matching liner for a full and defined lip, while Tuesday could see you adding contrast to that same look with a dark red lip liner. There are no rules. You can embrace your inner Beyonce any day of the week!

And the best part? You can play, experiment and explore with a plethora of makeup looks and then wash it all off, ready to show another side of you.