Red Lips For Summer

Red Lips For Summer

Summer solstice has passed, which means the sunny season is officially here! What better way of turning up the heat on your look than adopting a bright, fiery red lipstick ? The perfect accessory to any outfit, adding a touch of flair to even the simplest of looks, our red hot shades will ensure that all eyes are on you.

To ease yourself in, try a red nail polish first – this will also help you see which shades will suit you most. Once you’ve found your perfect bright red, don’t be afraid to go all the way!


One of our brightest shades, Casablanca never fails to pack a punch.

  • Great if your skin is: medium-dark, with warmer undertones



If you’re shying away from orange-toned reds, Libreville might be the answer. With a slightly blue undertone it looks great on almost anyone.

  • Great if your skin is: fair-medium, with cool or warm undertones



A blue-toned shade, perfect for those who prefer a red that’s edging on bright pink.

  • Great if your skin is: fair-medium, with cool-medium undertones


Afraid of going too bold? Cape Town is a bright yet classic red that suits just about everybody.

  • Great if your skin is: any colour, with any undertones – this is one of our most versatile bright red shades



Another scorcher, this shade of red has tones of orange beautifully suited to olive or darker skin tones.

  • Great if your skin is: medium-dark with olive or warm undertones



A subtle zinger, if you could imagine such a thing, this red has more of a muted orange tone.

  • Great if your skin is: fair-medium with cool undertones

Fierce and Flawless - Summer Just Got Hotter