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The Best Jewel Toned Lipsticks for the Platinum Jubilee

It’s the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! A celebration of our monarch, a moment in history for us all – and a good excuse to have an extra long weekend full of cheer and festivity. We don’t know about you, but we are forever envious of the royal family’s style, from Kate’s impeccable fashion sense and luscious locks, to the Queen’s infamous lipstick collection spanning sophisticated nudes and bold mauves (and every shade in between).


This week, in honor of the Platinum Jubilee, we wanted to dedicate our Journal post to Her Royal Highness the Queen and the amazing achievement of 70 years on the throne with our crown worthy, jewel toned shades.


An extremely rare semi-precious stone – in fact, sometimes considered one of the most valuable gemstones on Earth – rubellite can appear as crimson red with purple pinches, just like our exquisite shade Nigeria.


Mirroring the shade of one of the rarest gemstones, the red diamond. Unique and incredibly special, it truly is a diamond fit for a queen.


A highly sought after gem, red being the most desirable spinel of them all. Although they can be found in a range of colours, this pinky-red is by far our favourite.


Although pretty common, rubies are without a doubt one of the prettiest stones. Varying in shades of pinks and reds – it’s no wonder they’re so popular.