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Better Lives for the Children of Uganda with WHISPER Children’s Charity

whisper childrens charity

There are nearly three quarters of a million babies born in the UK each year. Almost all of these babies are born in a safe space – a hospital, a home – with a medical professional present and the support and comfort of loved ones around them, however in Uganda, this isn’t always the case. That is why our founder, Emolyne, chose to get involved with Whisper – a charity that funds Whisper’s Magical Children’s Hospital and Maternity in Jinja, Uganda.

The charity was founded by Veronika Cejpkova and Antonio Genco after they travelled through eight African countries, staying with local communities and immersing themselves in the way of life of the people they met along the way. They witnessed the way the children, adults, and elderly lived day-to-day, often without access to water, electricity or even toilets and sanitation and how they suffered with hunger, parasites, and loneliness.


They observed how orphanages struggled to feed the children they were trying to care for, and how numerous babies were dumped in the street without a chance of life. They saw an extreme lack of education regarding proper hygiene, balanced diet, and medical attention – necessities we take for granted.

In 2010, Veronika and Antonio set up Whisper, having been inspired by their travels and powered by the need to help change the lives of the children they had witnessed. Through small fundraising events, they were able to raise enough money to start their first project, Whisper Children’s Home, followed by Whisper’s School in 2011. One of the main issues they identified throughout their time in Africa was access to adequate medical care, therefore, in 2016, Veronika also opened a Children’s hospital, which, a couple of years later, launched their vital maternity ward.

It’s this hospital that struck a chord with Emolyne. Having been born in Uganda, and as a mother of four, she has an emotional connection to her homeland and to the suffering of children. She knew she had to get involved in such a good cause and wanted to help in any way she could. From vital blood transfusions, to burns, malnourishment and maternity, Whisper is equipped to provide critical care to mothers and children.

Through regular visits, Emolyne brings joy and positivity to the orphans and community of the hospital, as well as providing essential monthly donations. This Autumn, Emolyne Cosmetics will host its first fundraising event for Whisper, a charity dinner taking place in the city of Kampala. Funds raised will go towards supporting the purchase of the much-needed Whispers Ambulance as well as to cover day-to-day operational costs. 

Fundraising is a crucial way to keep the hospital going and to provide continued treatments to its patients. For more information about Whisper and the work that they do, and to find out how to donate, please click here.