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Transition Your Beauty Routine to A/W with Team Emolyne

As the weather starts to turn, and our skin becomes subject to the harsh cold, it’s time to start thinking about changing up our beauty routines. Whether that means swapping light skincare products to something heavier, or even changing your makeup’s colour palette, we wanted to share with you how team Emolyne prepares for the colder months.

Emolyne - Founder of Emolyne Cosmetics

I love winter, because it’s when I look after myself the most. As the seasons get colder I spend more time indoors as it’s too cold to go out, therefore I spend more time on me incorporating activities like hot yoga, saunas and steaming into my weekly routine.

No matter the season, I always use serums, especially vitamin C serums, together with thick, hydrating moisturisers which I apply twice daily. I also use weekly face masks to ensure my skin is extra hydrated before bed.

In terms of makeup, I do change it up slightly for winter, swapping my darker foundation to something lighter. During this transition period I sometimes mix my lighter and darker foundations to create the perfect shade. I also like a full-coverage which still feels light on my skin, and wear more autumnal shades on my lips and nails.

This enjoy this time of year as I spend more time with my family. I have a big family, so I make sure I start preparing for Christmas and birthdays (which all fall shortly after Christmas) in advance. I’m definitely looking forward to the festive period – winter walks and of course a cup or two of hot Baileys coffee is one of my favourite things to do in December!

Emolyne's Go-To Autumn/Winter Shade - Mali

Emma N. - Executive Assistant to Emolyne

I keep my skin care pretty consistent all year around, I always use a serum at night to ensure my skin stays hydrated, but as the weather turns colder I like to add a hydrating mask once a week too.

As winter approaches and my sun tan fades, I like to add tan drops to my moisturiser to give a healthy glow throughout the winter months.

Now that it’s getting colder, I look forward to winter walks followed by cosy pub afternoons.

I really look forward to festive activities such as wreath making and decorating the house ready for Christmas with a mulled wine in hand!

Emma's Go-To Autumn/Winter Shade - Cote d'Ivoire

Rachael - Head of Sales & Marketing

As soon as the cold weather hits, I switch from a water based cleanser to a cream one and layer cream on top of face oils.

I don’t tend to change my makeup much to reflect the winter – I’ve found what works for me and I stick to it. However I do change other areas of my lifestyle; I definitely exercise less as I fill my time with a lot of socialising and hibernating!

The thing about the next few months that I am most looking forward to is red wine and cosy nights in.

Rachael's Go-To Autumn/Winter Shade - Nairobi

Fenella - Project Manager

I definitely have to incorporate heavier creams, masks and serums around this time of year. My skin is quite sensitive and doesn’t do well in cold weather and heating systems.

For winter, I don’t really change my makeup look too much. I do wear darker shades on my nails instead of my standard nude, and might find myself reaching for a richer lip shade in the evenings – but I still opt for nude.

I go out a lot less as I really hate the cold, but if I do escape my duvet you will probably find me near an open fire somewhere! Intimate dinner parties with close friends definitely takes priority over the kinds of plans I would have had during the summer.

Christmas is my favourite time of year – I get overly excited about it. I love the smell of frost and the feeling of elation and cheer in the air; there’s nothing else like it.


Fenella's Go-To Autumn/Winter Shade - Asmara

Sarirah - Head of Digital

For my winter skincare, I’ll reach for a richer moisturiser and sometimes mix in an oil in the evenings. Also I make sure to exfoliate gently and often. Once or twice a week, I find an overnight mask can be the ultimate skin saviour.

Whilst I prefer lightweight tinted moisturisers all year around, for the colder months I love to change up my makeup and reach for deeper berry shades. I’m currently loving shades Nairobi and Nigeria.

With the shorter daylight hours I try to get out for a crisp morning walk to get some sunshine for the day. I also welcome the cosy vibes and spending more time with family and friends as the holiday season approaches.

It might sound a bit boring but one of my favourite things to do in cold weather is enjoy winter walks with hot chocolate and good company.

Sarirah's Go-To Autumn/Winter Shade - Nigeria

Emma S. - Social Media Manager

My skin can become dry during the colder months, so I usually opt for a heavier moisturiser and use a chemical exfoliant once every couple of weeks to keep my skin hydrated and smooth.

When it comes to my makeup in winter I definitely tend to be drawn to warmer colours and glitter when it comes to party season!

I definitely tend to eat more during these months as well – and go to the gym less! Think hearty foods like chillies, soups, and roasts (and mulled wine).

I love fall/winter fashion – I have an obsession with coats! I also love Christmas, spending more time with friends and family and going to the Christmas markets and eating lots of sweet treats.

Emma's Go-To Autumn/Winter Shade - Cameroon