Olive Eyeshadow

Our Olive Eyeshadow collection has a glossy and pigment-rich palette that will give your eyes a beautiful, multidimensional look. These shadows have a weightless and creamy formula that makes them slide on easily. This lets you create sparkling, eye-catching looks. The buttery, buildable texture of these eyeshadows, which come in five beautiful shades, makes them very comfortable to wear all day.

Understanding Vegan Eyeshadows

Let’s look through our collection:

  • Benin Bronze

Benin Bronze is a beautiful bronze colour that honours the Dahomey warriors and is based on Benin’s long history. This colour shows the spirit of this West African country by reflecting the mineral-rich soil and the famous tata houses.

  • Bwindi Forest

This shade is a tribute to Uganda’s Bwindi National Park, which is home to the critically endangered Bwindi mountain gorillas. It looks like the park’s lush vegetation. This colour is like dew and symbolises the variety of life in East Africa.

  • High Atlas

The shimmering silver colour of the High Atlas is magnificent and awe-inspiring, just like the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. This shade is a tribute to this huge, broad range, which includes snow-capped peaks and dry deserts.

  • Lac Rose

Take a trip to the beautiful shores of Lac Rose in Senegal. This champagne rose colour is based on the beautiful coral-coloured water surrounded by sand dunes and samphire bushes.

Pemba Shores

  • This soft golden colour captures the true spirit of Pemba, the Green Island in the Zanzibar Archipelago. It looks like untouched beaches and lush forests full of coconut, mango, and clove trees.
Celebrating Rich Culture

Celebrating Rich Culture

Each shade of the Emolyne collection has a story behind it that is based on a different culture. Our goal at Emolyne is to find makeup that not only makes you look better but also takes you on a trip around the world through colour. See how rich Benin Bronze is, how lush Bwindi Forest is, how grand High Atlas is, how beautiful Lac Rose is, and how peaceful Pemba Shores is. Explore endless options and celebrate the variety of the world with Emolyne’s Olive Eyeshadow Collection. It combines beauty with a love of nature and culture.

Each colour in our Olive Eyeshadow collection tells a story and makes you want to learn more about different cultures, beautiful scenery, and natural wonders. You can make a lot of different eye looks with these pigment-rich shades, from subtle daytime beauty to enticing evening charm.