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We love nail art! Whenever we’re bored of a plain nail shade, we love to mix things up and see what nail art ideas we can come up with. Experimenting with shades, shapes and patterns can be a fun way to find a look you love, keep those creative juices flowing and to ensure your nails are as unique as you are.

Over the years, we have been so inspired by the nail art looks you have created, and in honour of the new season, we wanted to revisit and showcase our favourite looks to give you some fresh inspiration. Take a look at our roundup below and check out the shades you need to recreate your favourite look. If you want even more inspiration for new nail art looks, check out what nail artist Isabel May has created using our Nail Lacquers here. 



An inverted French manicure, with a difference. The Half Moon nail design is a simple look that adds a real chic factor to any outfit. Choose complimenting shades or clashing hues, just be sure to keep nails round to mimic the design.

@beautyworksbyamy leads by example with shades on opposite ends of the colour spectrum proving that colour clashing can look cool.

Recreate with: Eritrea, Cape Coast, or any other combination


Love print? This one’s for you. This versatile design can be recreated using any colours so feel free to go as bold as you like. We prefer to use neutral tones so that they compliment every outfit as the perfect accessory.

@beautyworksbyamy has got it SO right with this look, using muted brown and peach shades.


Recreate with: Lira, Tanzania, Morocco


If you want a Spring spin on your usual French manicure, try incorporating colour and abstract shapes. A look that’s so cool right now but not too in your face is what we like to call ‘Abstract French’. It’s the perfect way to use our favourite shades together.

@nails_of_la uses red and nude in her take on this trend, but you can use any variation you like.

Recreate with: Lira, Johannesburg, or any other combination


A fresh take on the tortoise trend, this reptile print nail art is sophisticated and impressive. It may look intricate, however it’s easier than you think to recreate. Complimenting deeper shades keeps this looking expensive, and you won’t have to worry about your outfit – these shades go with everything.

Do like @millibbeauty and choose subtle tones to keep this look understated and versatile.

Recreate with: Cameroon and Mali


Fun and relatively easy to recreate is the cloud nail art trend. Float away on pastel hues, keeping the same shade throughout or alternating between nails. The key to nailing this trend (pun intended) is to keep your base colour sheer and neutral.

We LOVE this by @theoverglowedit – it’s giving us serious Spring vibes.

Recreate with: Fes, Eritrea, Luxor, Mozambique, Cairo


A fresh take on the classic French manicure. This simple look is worth trying. Whether you want to wear a bright shade, or something more muted, this works with any colour. Can’t decide which to pick – why not try a different shade on each finger?

@isabelmaynails created this look using Nigeria – we love using deep, rich tones.

Recreate with: Kira, Cote d’Ivoire, Asmara


A subtle take on nail art, pick extreme contrasting shades to get the best out of this look, or multiple shades like @kaddyfromthewest. Simply paint a quarter of the nail or experiment with different shapes to add interest.

Shades used:
Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Nigeria

Image courtesy of @kaddyfromthewest


A simple and easy look that adds interest to any outfit, pick your favourite shades in varying tones to create this look. Here, we went for peachy, nude tones – but use whichever shades that take your fancy! This look also works well using contrasting reds; try some of our fiery shades for a fresh Spring look.

Shades used:
Cairo, Mali, Asmara and Morocco


For the pros among you, why not try an animal print design that packs a punch. To keep the look elegant, use a classic red for the detailing and apply onto clean, clear nails like @overglowedit.

Shades used:
Côte d’Ivoire

Image courtesy of @overglowedit

If you’ve been inspired to recreate any of these looks, make sure you tag us on Instagram @emolynecosmetics so that we can see the art you have created and share to inspire the rest of our followers.