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Shades for Every Skin Tone

Different Kinds of Undertones

To find the right makeup for you, you need to know your skin’s undertone, which is the colour that doesn’t change below the skin’s surface. There are three types of undertones:

  • If you look cool, your skin is mostly blue or pink. 
  • When something is warm, it has undertones of olive or yellow. Dark-skinned people tend to have warm skin.
  • In this case, your skin has both cool and warm undertones. Neutral tones are most likely what you get when you spend time in the sun.
Find Out What Colour Your Skin Is

Find Out What Colour Your Skin Is

There are a number of ways to find out what your skin’s undertones are. A simple way to find the right makeup for you is to try one of them, or all of them if you’re not happy with the first one.

  • Fair Skin Tone

Cool undertones are most likely to be present if you have fair skin. When you’re very pale, you should be careful because many colours are too dark for your skin. If you want to look good, wear light pinks and beige with blue undertones. Any yellow or orange will make you look dull.

It’s best for people with fair skin to wear cool shades of pink and red lipstick. If you have light skin, a bright red lipstick will look great on you. Just make sure that the undertones are blue instead of orange.

  • Light Skin Tone

People with light skin tend to have a cool undertone, just like people with fair skin. But because your skin is a little darker, you’ll find it easier to find makeup that looks good on you.

When choosing sparkling eye makeup, think about what colour eyes you have. If you have blue eyes, go for earthy colours. If you have brown eyes, go for greys and dark browns. Just make sure you follow the same rule about not putting on too much makeup.

  • Medium Skin Tone

The best way to make up for medium-toned skin is to keep it neutral. You’re lucky, though, because you can play around with colours that are both blue and yellow.

Blush and foundations that are neutral with a hint of pinky-peach make skin look smoother and give it a little glow.

And once more, the colour of your eyes is very important. If you have medium skin, you can try out more dramatic colours in both the cool and warm ranges.

Lipsticks in peach and pink look beautiful against your skin. You can also rock a reddish-brown lip, which won’t make your skin look dull like lighter skin tones do.

  • Tan Skin Tone

People who have tanned skin should love their golden glow. Your glow is brought out by warm makeup with yellow undertones.

People with tanned skin look like they just got off the beach when they wear peachy-coloured lipstick.

  • Dark Skin Tone

There has been a wider range of makeup for people with dark skin. It’s fun to try out different shades of dark skin because there are so many of them.

If you have dark skin, it could be in any of the undertone groups. Use one of the above skin tone tests before setting your foundation. You can be as bold and bright with your eye makeup as you want. It looks beautiful when dark skin is paired with bright colours.

Just like with eye makeup, bold lip colours look beautiful. Just make sure that your eyes aren’t too bright if you want bold lips, or the other way around. That’s when you can choose the colours that will make you shine because you know what makeup looks best on your skin tone.

Emolyne Understands Every Skin Tone

To choose the right makeup shades that bring out your natural beauty, you need to know your skin tone and undertones. Emolyne knows how important it is to accept people with different skin tones and has a wide range of makeup products that are made to suit different undertones. 

Our wide range of products includes foundations, lipsticks, and eyeshadows that are all made to bring out your best features. Because Emolyne is dedicated to quality and acceptance, you can confidently browse their collection to find makeup that celebrates and brings out the best in your unique skin tone, giving you the power to shine on your beauty adventure.