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Eyeshade Creme - Silver Eyeshadows

Eyeshade Creme's Silver Shades

Eyeshade Creme redefines eye makeup, offering creamy textures and luminous hues that boost the natural beauty of your eyes. These silver eyeshadow aren’t just about colours; they provide a dazzling, multi-dimensional finish that adds radiance and natural beauty to your look. Thanks to their smooth and buildable formula, achieving striking eye makeup has never been easier.

Culturally Inspired Shades

Culturally Inspired Shades

These pigment-rich shades are versatile and suitable for various occasions—subtle daytime luxury or evening shine.

  • Benin Bronze: Reflecting the mineral-rich soil of Benin, this bronze shade pays tribute to the legendary Dahomey warriors, representing the strength and beauty of different cultures.
  • Bwindi Forest: Celebrating Uganda’s Bwindi National Park, this dewy hue showcases the park’s lush vegetation, highlighting the real beauty of East Africa.
  • High Atlas: Inspired by Morocco’s majestic High Atlas Mountains, this shiny silver shade captures the mountains’ vastness, from snow-capped peaks to deserts.
  • Lac Rose: Drawing from Senegal’s Lac Rose, this champagne rose hue mirrors the coastal wonder—a coral-hued, salt-rich lagoon bordered by sand dunes.
  • Pemba Shores: Showing the untouched beauty of Pemba Island in the Zanzibar Archipelago, this soft golden shade depicts images of a tropical paradise with its lush forests and pristine beaches.

Emolyne's Focus on Diversity and Beauty

Emolyne values beauty in all its forms. Emolyne’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity shines through each shade, showcasing a colourful palette that gives importance to cultural diversity.

Eyeshade Creme goes beyond ordinary eyeshadows, offering silver hues that showcase beauty in its varied forms. Improve your eye makeup with these creamy and radiant silver eyeshadows.