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Painting our nails is a form of self-care that we ensure we make time for – it’s a vital element of feeling pulled together and automatically polished. That is why we created the best nail polish for busy women in the form of our Emolyne Nail Lacquer. Designed to be the perfect alternative to in-salon treatments, but without taking the time out of our busy lives to get to a salon, it contains liquid emollients with film forming abilities, meaning you get that gel-effect cushioning feel with a high-shine finish. Available in a range of 30 shades, our long-lasting and glossy nail lacquers will see you through a hectic schedule, keeping chipping to a minimum thanks to our clever formula.

Shellac and gels tend to be among the most popular in-salon nail treatments due to their high-shine finish and long-lasting durability. By encasing the nail through the process of curing using a UV light, this also provides a strong barrier against chipping and nail breakage. Although downsides can include thinning, brittle nails after removal (especially when not removed by a professional), the positives tend to outweigh the negatives for busy people on the go as they last longer than your typical at-home nail polish.

While we love to get our nails done professionally, this is a real luxury for us as we lead busy lives with minimal free time. We needed an alternative – something that rivals the benefits of an in-salon treatment that we can apply in our own time, from home. That’s why Emolyne Nail Lacquers were created.

Emolyne Nail Lacquers

The best manicure from a standard nail polish! Our nail lacquers were designed for people on the go. As a busy mother and business owner, Emolyne wanted to create a nail product that was extremely quick drying so that she can get on with her day without the worry of smudging her nails.

While we love getting our nails done in the salon, the reality is modern lifestyles don’t always allow us the time. As busy women on the go, getting to a salon before it closes whilst working regular hours and juggling the rest of our life just isn’t always possible. Which is why we created a product that dries quickly, lasts longer, and truly rivals Shellac or other in-salon treatments.

Our range of Nail Lacquers is available in 30 shades – 15 luscious nudes and 15 rich reds, ensuring that every skin tone and undertone was considered and catered for. Perfect for hands and feet, they were developed with the idea of matching your nails to your lips – so once you find your perfect shade, you can purchase this in the matching nail lacquer, lipstick, lip liner and now also lip gloss.


Dos and Don’ts of At-Home Manicures

Dos and Don’ts of At-Home Manicures

If you’ve opted to do your nails from home, there are definitely some dos and don’ts if you want to get that salon worthy finish:

1)     Ensure your nails are clean and free of any oils: this will make sure the colour goes on smooth and slick.

2)     File each nail to the same length and shape for a professional looking finish.

3)     Prep your cuticles using a cuticle remover and push them back gently using a cuticle stick. (Try not to actually cut your cuticles as they have an important job protecting your nails from bacteria)

4)     Apply a base coat to protect your nails and ensure a smooth, longer lasting application.

5)     Apply your Emolyne Nail Lacquer in the shade of your choice. While these are super highly pigmented and provide full colour coverage in one coat, we like to apply a second coat to ensure the colour is rich and glossy.

6)     Leave plenty of time for your colour to dry before applying a top coat. A top coat will seal in the colour and provide extra protection against chipping, as well as adding more shine.

7)     Once dry, moisturise hands and cuticles for a soft and subtle, salon-worthy finish.


Formulation is key to making a product unique. It essentially makes up its genetic code; the quality and quantity of ingredients and pigments coming together to form a final product, carefully crafted to perform in a certain way. Finding the perfect measure can be tough, but here at Emolyne, we didn’t stop until our nail lacquers truly rivalled the shine of a shellac manicure.

Our lacquers contain an ingredient which is like a liquid emollient with film forming abilities. This provides a cushioning feel with high level gloss which allows us to create a gel-like feel with a high-gloss finish. They also contain a lot of pigment, which means you can achieve bold colour with just one stroke.

Quick facts about our nail lacquers:

        High pigment in one stroke

        Long-lasting colour

        Quick drying

        High gloss, gel-like finish

        Cushioning feel to mimic in-salon treatments

        Perfect colour on the go!

Not sure which shade of Nail Lacquer to pick? Why not try our Shade Finder Quiz to help discover your perfect shades of nude and red or check out our best-sellers below.

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