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Looking for a summer glow up? If you’ve got the weather, we’ve got the goods! There are so many fresh ways to change up your look for the summer season and we’ve got just the products to get you there. Here, we list the top 5 Emolyne products for a summer glow up. Whether you want to mix up your existing makeup look, or try something new, take a look at the list below for ideas on how to glow up this summer.

 Go Fire on your Nails

We love a bright, orange-toned red for the warmer months. It’s an opportunity to unleash your most striking, shocking shades. If you’re not feeling it for your lips (it does make quite the impact!) then start off with your nails. Toes and fingers come to life with neon-esque shades of red, and we’ve got a great selection for you!

Our Nail Lacquers are a great alternative to Shellac or gels, as they give a high-shine, long-wear finish with minimal chipping and no need for a UV lamp. That means you can go worry-free on your holidays, knowing your mani or pedi will see you through.

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Make Red Gloss your Go-to

If there was ever the perfect time for a red gloss, it’s summer. Our Gloss Lips still give high pigment colour in just one sweep, but have the most luscious, juicy finish. Infused with vitamin E, these are super hydrating whilst still being extremely long wearing – we even wear them in the pool for a glam holiday look. 

With so many red shades perfect for summer it can be hard to pick just one – we like to keep a selection handy! Our range covers orange toned reds, blue toned reds and true reds so there is plenty to choose from – if you’re dipping your toe into red for the first time, start with a “true red” like Seychelles.

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