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We don’t know about you, but we love a lipstick. We make sure we have one in every handbag to apply on the go to instantly feel more groomed. With so many different finishes available on the market these days, it can be tough to decide which to go for. Matte or glossy? Full coverage or sheer? Highly pigmented or buildable? And what about everything in between? Our Velvet Lip lipsticks are semi-matte, giving you multiple benefits: high-pigment colour in one sweep whilst still being long-wearing, comfortable and hydrating. Here, we discuss why you should switch to a semi-matte lipstick.

Whether you’ve got a last-minute meeting, after work drinks you hadn’t planned for or an unexpected run in with a friend on your evening commute, a lipstick can transform your look in an instant. For us, it’s all about the perfect nude for daytime. If we haven’t been able to get much sleep or if we didn’t get time to do a whole face of makeup that morning, a lipstick is the one thing that can make you look and feel polished and preened without the downtime. It has the power to make you feel your best, even on the days you don’t feel it on the inside. For evenings, we favour a red. This allows you to transform your whole look and add interest, even with the rest of your makeup staying the same – you would never tell! Perfect as a refresher, a red lipstick conveys confidence, sexiness and sophistication.

Benefits of a Semi-Matte Lipstick

If you’re still not sure why you should switch to a semi-matte lipstick, these benefits should be enough to convince you:

        Long-lasting: they are super long-lasting and require minimal reapplication

        Comfortable: they don’t feel drying on the lips, so perfect for all day wear

        Highly pigmented: so you can get all over colour in just one sweep

        Time saving: due to the fact they are budge proof, you won’t have to reapply

        Stress-free: you don’t have to worry if your colour is still there; chances are, it is!

Our Formula

Emolyne Velvet Lip is a semi-matte lipstick that is long-lasting, to make sure it sees you through your day, no matter what might come your way. We wanted to create the perfect formula that was budge proof yet comfortable to wear. This is why we settled on a semi-matte formula rather than a matte formula. Focussing on concentrations and marriages of different waxes, we were able to produce a velvety finish that is non-drying. Our lipsticks are so highly pigmented ensuring the colour truly lasts. We also added a vanilla fragrance to our lipsticks to make them feel even more luxurious and have your lips smelling good enough to kiss.

When creating the formula, it was important we produced a lipstick that would require minimal reapplication and attention. After all, our Founder is a busy mum of 4, and it was based on her need for a lipstick that stay put that Velvet Lip was created. She didn’t have time to be constantly reapplying, or checking the mirror to make sure her colour was still there, or worse, to check it hadn’t transferred all over her face!

Multitasking Features

Besides the main great features listed above, semi-matte lipsticks are great for multitasking. Our favourite trick is that we like to apply our Velvet Lip in a nude or pink tone to our lips, then, using our finger, we rub in the formula to create a more sheer look, then dab the product from our finger onto the apples of the cheeks and lightly across the bridge of the nose. If you prefer, you can gently dab the lipstick bullet onto the cheeks and blend out with your fingers.

You can also dab the same colour lightly across your eyelids for a sheer wash of colour. Wearing the same shade throughout the face like this creates a more natural, sun kissed look, perfect for a “no makeup makeup” day – we love this look for the warmer months!

Our Favourite Nude Shades of Velvet Lip

With a total of 30 shades, it can be hard to find the shades that are right for you. With this in mind, we pulled together our Shade Finder Quiz to help you identify your perfect shades.

Although all shades have a soft spot in our hearts, here are our favourite nude shades for this season:

        Eritrea: our most pinky shade, perfect for multi-tasking

        Luxor: a pinky-peachy nude that serves as a healthy complexion cheat

        Morocco: a tawny, brown shade for a cool natural look

        Asmara: our best-selling nude for deeper skin tones, it’s the perfect warm raisin

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Our Favourite Red Shades of Velvet Lip

We couldn’t give you the lowdown on our favourite nude shades without highlighting our favourite reds, too. This season, we’re loving these red shades:

        Casablanca: the most vibrant orange-red

        Seychelles: a great “true” red, flattering on so many skin tones

        Senegal: a rich red with brown undertones

        Abuja: a pinky-red for day or night

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