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All Eyes On You

Why should lips and nails have all the fun? Now eyelids get in on the action too with Emolyne’s debut eye collection. The new All Eyes On You range of Lashline Lacquers, Defining Lashline Pencils and Eyeshade Crèmes not only delivers enduring, pigment-rich results but are a breeze to use to create effortlessly glamorous looks.

“After the success of our matching lip and nail sets, we knew that our eye category had to deliver the same luxuriant colour-pay off, longevity and most importantly, the level of joy that we had set with our initial gold-standard line,” explains founder Emolyne Ramlov. “It took over two years to develop, but we are beyond thrilled with the results. I hope our eye products become future classics that everyone will love using.”

Next-gen Peepers

Next-gen Peepers

The Eyeshade Crème raises the bar for makeup innovation. Going beyond a traditional powder, this pot of magic acts as a primer and a buildable shadow with serious staying power. No crease, no fall, no smudge, no fade. Instead, its soft, lightweight texture glides on to achieve a shimmering, multidimensional finish that radiates light from day to night. There’s no preparation needed. Simply use a brush to apply this buttery cream to lids, just a little for a subtle finish, or layering on more for a high-voltage look that is guaranteed to impress.

Drawing The Line

Drawing The Line

To add definition and a touch of drama, reach for the Lashline Lacquer. Its felt tip applicator and liquid formula allows for exacting precision when creating polished eye looks. Its intense colour is ideal for drawing a timeless cat eye or modern graphic line with an impeccable finish. Or for something more smouldering and mysterious, it’s all about the Defining Lashline Pencil. This creamy, retractable kohl liner adds depth and smoothness to a variety of looks from smokey eyes to bold wings or to elongate lashes in the waterline. Needless to say, both liners are fast drying, smudge proof and long-wear. Plus you can even use them together to really go to the next level on your eye makeup game.

Shades Of Africa

The eye collection is also an evolution of Emolyne’s evocative and inclusive shade range, says Ramlov. “What makes the eye collection extra special is that each shade is rooted in my African heritage and is inspired by the infinite beauty of the continent.” True to our brand ethos, we’re expanding Emolyne’s unique shade range that celebrates a multitude of destinations around Africa. All Eyes On You honours seven natural wonders with pearlescent shades that flatter every skin tone. “We simply had to include Bwindi Forest in Uganda, the country where I was born and raised,” adds Ramlov of her favourite Eyeshade Crème shade. “It’s a velvety olive hue that mirrors the glistening vegetation of this stunning National Park, which is a haven for wildlife.”

Remaining in East Africa, Pemba Shores has a golden gleam reminiscent of the stretches of untouched sands that line the remote island of Pemba, a gem on Zanzibar’s Swahili coast. Travelling to the northern most point of Africa, High Atlas is our twinkling silver shade named after the tallest point of the Atlas Mountains. Rising up from the Atlantic Ocean and across central Morocco, think snowy peaks that shine. We move to West Africa to take a dip in Lac Rose. This majestic lake in Senegal boasts rose pink waters that are echoed by this enchanting shade. And staying on the Atlantic coast, our lustrous Benin Bonze nods to Benin’s tata houses, built by the Somba people from the mineral-drenched earth.

Meanwhile Emolyne’s Lashline Lacquer and Defining Lashline Pencil come in two endlessly versatile colours. Bobende Black is a pure ebony that takes its deep essence from the dramatic, volcanic sands of Bobende beach at the foot of Mount Cameroon. And Kalahari Brown is a true, earthy umber reflecting the vast, russet landscape of the Kalahari desert that spans across Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

Turn heads with Emolyne

So now it’s easy to have some fun imagining new designs in beautifully dazzling shades that will suit any mood or occasion. The new Emolyne eye collection not only offers ahead of the curve formulations that are long-lasting, highly-pigmented and a pleasure to use. It also speaks to the brand’s elegant style that is already sought-after for lips and nails. With this new range of Lashline Lacquers, Defining Lashline Pencils and Eyeshade Crèmes, it’ll be all eyes on you, guaranteed.