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Winter Nail Care Guide – Be Confidently Nude

Winter Nail Care Guide

Winter is in full swing and we’re all wrapped up ready for some self-care during these colder months (It’s far too cold to venture outside!). We’ve already applied a face mask and binged watched our favourite Netflix regency drama so it’s time to focus on our nails.

We’re firm believers in treating your nails like jewels and not tools – so we’ve put together our top tips for keeping your nails looking healthy during the colder months while you’re pampering at home.

Smother on the hand creams

Preventing hands from drying out is essential at this time of year – we love treating our hands and nails to some hand lotion a few times a day, particularly after we wash our hands with soap which can really dry your nails out. Take it a step further and wear washing up gloves when you’re doing the dishes to prevent washing up liquid removing your nails natural oils.

For some extra indulgence, apply a thicker cream just before you go to bed to wake up to seriously soft hands.

Oil your Cuticles

Hand creams are a great start to moisturising your nails, but true nail health begins with treating your cuticles right. The cold weather and regular use of alcoholic hand sanitiser can seriously damage your cuticles, so we recommend reaching for some cuticle oil and using it once a day. Remember not to cut your cuticles, just push them back while you’re maintaining your nails to ensure you don’t cause any damage.

Keep Nails Shorter

While we’re in love with long nails, we recommend keeping them shorter for the winter months. Nails are naturally brittle during this time , so filing them often can help prevent snags and breakages from becoming a bigger issue and to maintain nail strength.  You’ll be on your way to beautiful healthy nails in no time.

Embrace Nude Nail Polish and Go Natural

January is all about self-care and nude nail shades are a great way to make a chic statement while giving your fingers a healthy, glowing look. Keeping your nails polished also helps to prevent nail damage – so it’s the perfect opportunity try out the different nude polishes you’ve had your eye on.

Remember it’s your shade, your rules, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Our 15 nude nail polishes are suitable for every skin tone, so you’re spoilt for choice – you can even match them perfectly to a lipstick and lip definer for days you want to coordinate.