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Emolyne x V&A Museum

Wednesday night saw flowing champagne, mouth-watering food and brilliant company. Celebrating our collaboration with new magazine, Nataal, we invited some of the biggest names in the beauty world including makeup artists and influencers, as well as journalists and musicians to spend the evening with us. Our sit-down meal at the ever famous Langan’s Brasserie was followed by a party upstairs where we were serving cocktails named after our shades, and with live performances by Falana and DJs Laani, AAA and Tommy Gold.

At the event, Nataal unveiled their latest issue, where our joint photoshoot graced the walls of the venue and of course, the magazine cover. The images from the shoot are strong, powerful and proud – just like our brands – and we can’t wait for you to see them, too, at The Victoria and Albert Museum as part of the Africa Fashion exhibition.

About Nataal

Ferociously independent and vibrantly luxe, with diverse storytelling at its core, Nataal is a brand unapologetically making waves. The media label and creative studio harnesses African culture in new and provocative ways using fashion, visual arts and music as its tools.

It’s a celebration of talent; a publication shining a light on creatives deserving of the spotlight. A digital bible of African talent and heritage – past and present – to inspire and encourage. To grow new voices and allow emerging talent to continue along the path they have created for themselves. It teaches us of the beauty in collaboration and employing new ways to represent bold ideas. The notion of individuality and the message of equality. And most importantly, the endorsement to be unequivocally you.

The Collaboration: Emolyne x Nataal

The Collaboration: Emolyne x Nataal

As a black-owned brand championing African heritage, we are always looking to join forces with others who are helping to pave the way for African talent to flourish.


Nataal have created an outlet where everyone is embraced and no one is excluded; together, we will celebrate beauty, culture, and most importantly, people.


Bringing these two powerhouses together created astonishing results. Our Emolyne x Nataal photoshoot produced strong, powerful images, personifying both brands and our values.

The Exhibition: Africa Fashion at the Victoria & Albert Museum

The Exhibition: Africa Fashion at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Nataal will be collaborating with the V&A on their upcoming exhibition, Africa Fashion. With an array of designers on display, the exhibition will highlight African fashion through the ages, and the effect it has had on global style.


Nataal has contributed a short film that “explores how movement and dance cultures can speak to the uplifting sophistication of African fashion.” They will also delve into some of the conversations of the show through the work of the next generation of talent in their upcoming print magazine.


Launching 2nd July 2022. Tickets and more information available here.