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Top Tips for Kissable Lips

kissable lips top tips international kissing day

It’s International Kissing Day. A day revolved around giving and receiving love, aimed to bring people back together and remind them of the pleasures of kissing as a sign of affection rather than just social formality. After recent bizarre years of managing personal space and keeping away from loved ones, now is the time to make up for lost contact and practice the ultimate symbol of love – kissing. Whether that’s your partner, your family, your friends; if ever there was a day to tell them you love them, this is it.

To prepare for this occasion, and to get your lips in tip-top condition, we have pulled together a guide to getting the most kissable lips:

1) Start with a scrub

Lip scrubs will remove dead skin and stimulate circulation. The result? Smooth, plump and naturally rosy lips. There are plenty of lip scrubs on the market, but if you want to make your own it’s super simple – all you need is honey and sugar (it tastes good too!). Alternatively, buffing with a dry toothbrush can have a similar effect at removing skin and stimulating circulation.

2) Apply a hydrating balm

Do this at the start of your makeup routine whilst applying your skincare, to give it plenty of time to absorb and work its magic. Find one that is thick and non-sticky, that soaks in with ease. This will give a perfect base for makeup and will stop any lip colour sinking into the cracks that can appear when lips are dry and chapped.

3) Go in with your favourite lip shade

Whether you prefer a matte lipstick or a luscious gloss, nude pink or vibrant red, we have something for everyone. Now that your lips are smooth and hydrated, your colour will look more flawless and last longer – no matter how many people you kiss!

4) Match your nails to your lips 

Whichever kissable shade you choose we have the matching, super shiny nail lacquer to compliment it!

Our Most Kissable Shades