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SPOTLIGHT ON: Madeleine Spencer, Journalist

madeleine spencer interview

Madeleine Spencer is a journalist, podcaster and makeup artist that has been featured in some of the most esteemed publications from VOGUE to The Times. Having amassed almost 19k followers on Instagram, she is a trusted and highly respected all-round beauty expert. Mixing makeup hacks and product recommendations with honest conversations on real issues, it’s no wonder that Madeleine has become someone we can all relate to, and her openness around her own personal struggles allows us to feel present in her world – she’s like a good friend, a sister-like figure, yet we’ve never met.

We wanted to find out a little bit more about Madeleine, and while we didn’t think we could love her more, after delving into her career journey and finding out her beauty tips and desert-island products, we find ourselves fangirling just a little bit more than before. Check out our interview below.

Q: When did you begin your career in the beauty industry?

My career had a few fits and starts during my 20s, when I was severely agoraphobic and as a result found sticking to a steady career path quite challenging. Things I did included interning, writing a blog, and working at a junior level when I could, before I eventually started full time at a national magazine. I’ve solidly worked in the industry since.

Q: What’s your first beauty memory?

My entire family were keenly into beauty, beauty products, and fashion, and as such memories of those things are woven into my memories of childhood. I especially remember my mum’s Guerlain face powder, which was a collection or pastel coloured beads, smelling like sweets.

Q: What are you favourite products that you will never be without?

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage is my favourite concealer, I’ve never found a skincare product as good at fortifying and hydrating skin as the Mortar and Milk PHA Barrier Repair Serum, the Michael Van Clarke Prewash Treatment keeps my hair healthy, and I really like a good body scrub, especially Mantle’s The Hot Ex.

Q: What do you look for when trying new products?

I never compromise on quality, which is key because I want products to perform and have no time for anything wishy washy. I don’t replace the old classics with new things for the sake of it, so something has to really impress me to end up in my routine.

Q: Tips for shopping beauty online vs instore?

If you’re buying colour cosmetics, look for videos or photos of people wearing the product, and find someone whose style/taste you trust, then take their advice. In store: go outside and look at a product on your face in daylight before you buy, and try to find someone passionate about whatever you’re buying at the counter to help guide you.

Q: Top beauty tip?

Choose whatever makes you feel best, and amp it up/enjoy it; beauty products are as much about what you project as they are about what they actually do to your body, and the best ones make you feel great.

Q: Any exciting projects coming up in 2023?

I’ve got a few things bubbling – but nothing set in stone yet I’m afraid.

Q: Favourite Emolyne product?

Cape Town lipstick; it’s the perfect cherry red.


Follow Madeleine on Instagram @madeleinelovesthis